Your cycling nirvana — coming back soon…

Engineered Bicycles has entered a very exciting stage where we’re taking stock of all we’ve learned over the last few years and making the changes to improve our service and the bikes themselves. We’re overhauling the business from the ground up. Our impetus for doing this is simple – Ade and I are spread too thin.

While we go through this period, we have taken the decision to temporarily close our order book.

This year we have seen a tremendous growth in orders (thank you!), but we’ve battled under the strain leaving us very stretched to deliver to the levels of service that we pride ourselves on. We’ve taken a step back and worked out how to get back to a service level that we are proud of – solving this problem is a large part of the changes we’ll be making.

We are also very proud of what we have achieved in terms of building bikes that make our customers smile as well as the great reviews and accolades we’ve received. Not the types to rest on our laurels, we’ve already spent a good few months working on an exciting new custom bicycle concept with even greater levels of performance tailoring to what we can currently offer. Progress on this project has been painfully slow with too few hours in the day but it is shaping up well and we’re itching to bring it into the daylight.

With this backdrop we believe temporarily closing our order book is the best way to ensure we service our existing customers as best we can and get our new product development plans back on track. We plan to relaunch our offering and start taking orders again towards the end of Q2 2018.

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All the best,
David Fong
Founder – Engineered Bicycles