award winning, bespoke, hand built bicycles

Driven By Passion
Engineered Bicycles is the culmination of the passion and dedication held by two detail-obsessed cyclists: David, a chartered engineer, and Adrian, a graphic designer. Their meticulous approach has created a portfolio of critically acclaimed bespoke bikes for customers that always remain true to the Engineered ethos of form follows function.

The Ultimate Cycling Experience 
Each Engineered bicycle is made to order, built and finished by hand, creating an individual riding experience that is as exhilarating as it looks. There are two routes to your bespoke Engineered bicycle:

  • Your perfect custom bicycle starts with one of our discipline-specific platforms which can then be customised to create a bicycle that looks, fits and rides exactly as you want. These platforms give you the confidence in a bicycle designed, built and tested to European standards.
  • Through our E.S.P. (Engineered Special Projects) service, we work with you and build the hand made, bespoke bike of your dreams. Combining our engineering and design expertise with your vision and bike fit data, we can create anything from a titanium sportive machine to a steel super commuter that looks and feels exactly how you imagined it.

Awards And Reviews
We’re incredibly proud that our bicycles have received accolades from some of the most respected cycling publications: Frameset of The Year


Engineered Ethos
Our bespoke bicycles are designed following solid engineering principles and rational judgement to achieve outstanding real-world performance, in a full-custom package.

Each and every aspect of our framesets is informed by this philosophy. No detail is taken as given. Nothing is superfluous. Conventions or fashions are not simply followed. Form very much follows function.

This approach also runs through the construction and appearance of our frames, which are built and finished by master craftsmen with the finest track records.

The end result is an Engineered Bicycle, tailored for the individual, that has a clear purpose and delivers on its promise.