Award winning one-of-a-kind bicycles tailored for passionate individuals

Your journey begins by us listening to your hopes, dreams, desires, ideas and goals so we can design and build the perfect riding machine that leaves a smile on your face from the very first ride.

Cycling nirvana
You may or may not know what yours is yet, but you know that it should be a state where your legs are burning but you still want more because of the machine beneath you (because the machine beneath you is an extension of yourself).

This is Engineered Bicycles, David + Adrian, and we know this is true because we’ve found our nirvana. We believe that with collaboration, professionalism, honesty and an “as awesome as possible” attitude, we can create your one-of-a-kind dream bicycle that performs and looks exactly as you intended.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t passionate about cycling, that’s a given. However, you’re probably frustrated at being sold bikes that you didn’t actually want or don’t fully meet your needs – or maybe you just want something special!

If you’re ready to ride something that is truly yours and demands you take a moment after each ride to take it all in, then let’s work together to make it happen.

…and us
Engineered Bicycles is the culmination of the passion and dedication held by two detail-obsessed cyclists: David Fong, a chartered engineer, and Adrian Ridley, a graphic designer. Our meticulous approach has created a portfolio of critically acclaimed, one-of-a-kind bicycles for our customers that always remain true to the Engineered ethos of form follows function.

Take your riding to the next level
Each Engineered bicycle is made to order so that your bicycle is tailor made for your next cycling goal. Hand built and finished by the finest craftsmen, the end result is an individual riding experience that is as exhilarating as it looks. We offer two different routes to achieve this:

  1. We have designed and engineered four discipline-specific platforms which can then be completely customised to create a one-of-a-kind bicycle that fits, rides and looks exactly as you want. Everything from the choice of tubing, the geometry, to the paint design and finish can be tailored. Our platforms have been tested to, and surpassed European standards to give you the confidence in a hand made bicycle that is built to last.
  2. Like us at the inception of Engineered in 2009, you may have an idea for a bicycle that you simply cannot find off the peg and falls outside the realms of our platforms. Through our E.S.P. (Engineered Special Projects) service, we work with you to make your idea a reality and create the one-of-a-kind bicycle of your dreams. Combining our engineering and design expertise with your vision and bike fit data, we can create anything from a titanium sportive machine to a steel super commuter that looks and feels exactly how you imagined it.

Awards And Reviews
We’re incredibly proud that our bicycles have received accolades from some of the most respected cycling publications as well as scooping the Best Paint Finish award at Bespoked Hand Made Bike Show 2016. Frameset of The Year


Engineered Ethos
Our bespoke bicycles are designed (to realise our customer’s needs and desires) following solid engineering principles and rational judgement to achieve outstanding real-world performance, in a full-custom package.

Each and every aspect of our framesets is informed by this philosophy. No detail is taken as given. Nothing is superfluous. Conventions or fashions are not simply followed and Form very much follows function.

This approach also runs through the construction and appearance of our frames, which are built and finished by master craftsmen with the finest track records.